Ken Catron – Director of IT for SLS Resort and Casino

Dale Potts, President/CEO of Global Outdoor Concepts makers of the MirageVision TV, is pictured here poolside at one of the many cabanas featuring MirageVision Outdoor TVs. Ken Catron, Director of IT at the SLS Resort and Casino, said that the owner of the SLS was so impressed by our Mirage Vision Outdoor TVs that he purchased 3 TVs for his private residence. Global Outdoor Concepts was chosen by the SLS to custom retrofit all of their Samsung hospitality TVs at their outdoor pool, bar and cabanas, turning them into MirageVision Outdoor TVs. This is accomplished by using the Samsung Hospitality TVs as donor TVs and turning them into MirageVision Outdoor (weatherized) Ultra-Bright TVs. The SLS Hotel and Casino is considered a Boutique Hotel, and is one of the newest and most ultra-modern hotels in Las Vegas. We are proud to have our unique Outdoor TV Technology displayed at the SLS Hotel and Casino.

–SLS Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada

Animal Planet

We needed TV monitors that would withstand the outdoor elements and most importantly be viewable in direct sunlight. Our application was for one of our 10 day outdoor events held on the Las Vegas Strip. These TV’s were used to play segments of our new TV series titled “Wild Recon.” Even though the MirageVision Outdoor TVs were not made nor warranted to be “waterproof” and it is very rare to get 3 inches of rain in Las Vegas…yes the rarity did happen, we received hard rain for over 3 days. The TV’s ran day and night, rain and shine. The MirageVision Outdoor TVs performed flawlessly and the picture quality was awesome. We are glad that we purchased the MirageVision Outdoor TVs and we intend to use them on other outdoor events.

–Animal Planet Staff
Las Vegas

“Texas Tech University Stadium Utilizes over 50 Outdoor TVs from MirageVision. TVs survived a rainstorm that flooded the field.”
Timothy C.

“I purchased the Mirage Vision 55″ Gold Ultra HD (4K) Series HDTV two weeks ago and have enjoyed watching football and other sporting events on my patio. The TV’s weatherization modifications are very professionally installed. I feel like I received a well engineered product and one that will hold up to the weather elements here in central Texas. The picture quality is outstanding. The video/audio source for my Mirage Vision HDTV is a HDMI cable that runs to a cable box in a closet in the house. I’m using a HDMI IR extender to control the cable box in the house and it all works great. The WIFI capability of the HDTV works well too as my daughter enjoys watching Netflix. Nice product!”

Adam D.

“I have literally quadrupled the amount of time I spend on my roof top deck now that I have a MirageVision 55″ television mounted on the wall. My home is now the go-to for friends and family to gather when watching sports and it’s all centered around my new television. Thanks for delivering such a high quality product!”

Robert K.

“We love our Mirage TV. We have had the TV for 2 months now and have enjoyed baseball games in the middle of the day and movies under the stars. The picture is perfect in both times of day and the sound is loud enough to carry off our deck into the yard. I have it on a full extension tv mount an can enjoy it from our outdoor couch area, the bar and our dining table. Can’t wait to enjoy some PSU football under the heaters this fall. Love the TV.”

Bob the Attorney

“Best purchase ever! MirageVision was very accommodating and I got my tv in time for my annual picnic. Picture quality is amazing and I can now watch the game while swimming in the pool!!!”


“We have been enjoying our TV! You can see it in day and night. Also, with the arm pulled out so TV can be viewed from all angles, including out outdoor dining area.”


Los Angeles

Fred – San Francisco, CA

“I wanted to provide you a successful testimonial regarding my 65″ Outdoor FlatScreen Television. It has now been 5 years and the TV still works like the 1st day I used it! Very impressed as I live in San Francisco and the weather on the outdoor deck can get pretty bad! With just a cover the condition is still like brand new and never had any issues to date! Again, thank you very much and the next step is to buy another outdoor very soon.”


San Francisco, CA

Ken R. – New York

“Attached hereto find three pictures of the MirageVision TV in my yard in Manhasset, New York. It is mounted over my fireplace, as you can see. The outdoor TV has really become a cool thing for the family. I watch sports while my kids watch Game of Thrones and other shows. We installed outdoor speakers throughout the yard. When the kids watch Game of Thrones at night with the volume up, the scenes jump off the screen and ground shakes with the sounds of battle. It has a terrific picture. It has held up to the elements quite nicely. I have friends with outdoor TVs – other companies – but none have as good a picture as MirageVision, especially in sunlight. You get my highest recommendation.”


Ken R.
Manhasset, New York

José D.G. – Florida

“We love our MirageVision Outdoor TV and use it to watch our favorite sports. We have recommended it to all of our friends.”


José D.G

Joe – Chicago

” We’re loving tv !!!!”



L.A. Martinez

I have fulfilled a dream on my bucket list. Here in NY we only enjoy three months of warm weather. Watching the NY Yankees in a comfortable chair in the back yard is a dream come true. The picture quality on this TV is exceptional. The people at Mirage Vision are more than willing to help with any issue you might come across. For the most part this TV is plug and play. Very easy to set up. I’ve watched TV outside every afternoon and evening for the past two weeks, can’t get enough; it’s awesome.


L.A. Martinez
Lynbrook, N.Y.

Paul L.

Thanks to a lot of help from Chris at MirageVision TV, I have a TV that looks great on our outdoor fireplace. Upgrading to the Platinum 4K Ultra really made the picture quality stand out even in the sun. Great people to work with and the instructions and guide that came with the TV made for an easy setup. I would highly recommend a MirageVision TV.

Mike and Rita B.

I built an outdoor box with a lift for my deck next to a hot tub. The TV is fantastic. Beautiful picture even under outdoor, high light conditions. Until I purchased the Mirage outdoor TV I was carrying a TV outside every time I wanted to watch anything while enjoying our hot tub. Now we have a weather proof TV, and one bright enough to be outside. It’s a fantastic product. I would absolutely recommend one to anyone looking to have a TV outdoors.

Westchester, NY

“We love entertaining outside, especially over the summer when it is pool season! We wanted to add an outdoor TV to our outside living space. It completes the patio area and all our family and friends who we entertain are enjoying it immensely (as are we!). We did a lot of research on what outdoor TV to purchase and kept coming back to Mirgae Vision. We purchased the 65 inch Diamond Pro and could not be happier. We would recommend Mirage Vision to anyone looking to purchase an outdoor TV. Duke took the time to speak with us, was incredibly patient and answered all the questions we had – He was truly wonderful to work with. The quality of the TV is great and we love how the TV looks on our patio! We look forward to enjoying it for many years to come. Thank you Mirgage Vision!”


Iris & Spencer F.
Westchester, NY

Mike and Rita B.

“We do a lot of entertaining on our outdoor patio area especially during football season. We wanted an outdoor TV to add to our entertainment fun and pool activity. I was online researching ‘Outdoor TVs’ and was impressed with Mirage Vision due to the testimonials that were listed on line. Plus we had good memories of the Mirage hotel from a previous wedding anniversary stay. I called Mirage Vision and was put in touch with a sales person who was great to work with – very informative, followed up with us, etc. Mirage listened to what our entertainment area was like and then recommended a LG 47 Inch TV. I was impressed because of their expertise but also because they focused on what was best for us and came across as really wanting to do what was best for us.

WE LOVE OUR TV! The outdoor picture quality is great.
This is a picture of us celebrating with family and friends and enjoying Sunday football and a Houston Texans win!

I recommend Mirage Vision to anyone looking at purchasing an outdoor TV. They are a great company to work with ”


–Mike & Rita B.
Houston, Texas

“After looking at several high volume, big name dealers, my family decided to go with a Mirage Vision outdoor TV. Our TV was delivered quickly and within days we were enjoying our new Mirage Vision TV on our deck.​​ Thank you Mirage Vision!” 

–Chris A.

Carmen M.

“We purchased our Mirage Vision 50” Gold Series to add the finishing touch to our outdoor poolside kitchen living area. We are really enjoying being able to watch sports, videos and movies on our new outdoor smart TV. Duke was awesome to work with, he explained all of the differences between the Silver and Gold series and worked with us to help us stay within our budget and choose the option that was right for our outdoor living space. I will definitely recommend Mirage Vision to all of our family and friends. Thank you Mirage Vision and thank you Duke! You guys rock! ”


– Carmen M.
Valley City, Ohio

Attorney Richard C.

“We had our MirageVision Outdoor TV installed at our Boca Raton, Florida Home over 6 years ago. It has survived 2 hurricanes, much rain and the harsh southern Florida salt air. We were also very impressed with the picture quality in the daytime sunlight. What a great product!”


–Attorney Richard C.
Boca Raton, Florida

Steve K.

“I retired several years ago. My wife and I really enjoy watching our Arizona Sports Teams outdoors at my backyard golf course home in Arizona. Before I purchased my MirageVision TV, I had a small 19″ TV in the backyard that was sitting on a small table. In the daytime I could not even see the picture. When I first ordered my MirageVision TV, I was very skeptical that I would be able to see a clear picture in our bright desert, daytime sunshine.after all we live in one of the hottest and sunniest areas in the U.S. Well, I can tell you that it is going on 4 years now and my outdoor TV has been one of my best investments, and the picture quality is awesome in the daytime. I thank you guy’s for making my backyard entertainment very relaxing. Oh by the way, my TV has weathered many dust and rain storms, many 115 degree plus days and one unbelievable “golf ball size” hail storm.”


–Steve K.
Peoria, Arizona

The Memphis Zoo

We installed your 80″ Mirage Vision Outdoor TV at our Dinosaur Exhibit and it has performed perfectly. The personnel at our IT dept. just love it…thanks Global for a great product.


–The Memphis Zoo
Memphis, Tennessee


We chose the Mirage Vision televisions to use as display units in our unique custom vehicles and we are extremely satisfied with their performance…” (Spevco is one of the industry leaders in the fabrication and manufacturing of Specialty Mobile Vehicles. They have designed and manufactured specialty mobile vehicles for the US Military, NASCAR, Disney, Carnival Cruise Lines, Cocoa Cola, and Mobile Medical Hospital Units)

Anthony J. Foschi, Esq.

“Six (6) years ago when we decided to put in our pool and expand our deck we wanted an outdoor entertainment center with music and a television. We searched and searched the various outdoor television’s available and chose the MirageVision TV. Their 42 inch set was the perfect choice for our outdoor living area. The picture quality is beautiful in the bright sun or on those cloudy days as well. My wife and I really enjoy watching our favorite HBO series on the deck at night after the kids are in bed. The Mirage Vision 42 inch LCD television has performed flawlessly for the last six (6) years and has remained outside and exposed to all of the elements, wind, rain, cold, and heat. It never skips a beat. What a great reliable product and I highly recommend this product, you won’t be disappointed. ”


–Anthony J. Foschi, Esquire
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Pat and Jill

“We recently purchased the 32 inch LED outdoor TV from Global Outdoor Concepts for our backyard Pavilion. The picture is great, and we couldn’t be happier, thank you for the advice! The TV really finishes off the area, it’s our family’s newest favorite space, at least for the summer. We were very impressed with the Customer Service and follow up, thanks for everything!”


–Pat and Jill

David & Karen F.

“We purchased our MirageVision 47″ Outdoor TV this spring. We LOVE this new addition to our home. The customer service throughout this process was exceptional, both before and after the purchase. The TV is the perfect size for us and the picture and sound quality are excellent. We have enjoyed many hours of outdoor entertainment so far, and look forward to all season entertainment, especially the football games this fall! We could not be more pleased! I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to add value to the outdoor space of their home.”


–David & Karen F.

Donald S.

“I truly love my television. Some pictures are attached. They do not do the television justice. I had been searching for an outdoor HDTV for several months to go on my new back porch. I was a little sceptical when I found this television on the internet. It was far less expensive than others I found. How could it be so much less? After I learned how Global Outdoor Concepts treated the television to be suitable for use outside, I decided to give them a chance. I could not be happier with my 47″ LCD HDTV. The picture quality is superior to the 46″ LCD HDTV I have in my living room. It is so nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors while watching football, basketball, golf or a movie in HD. When we have company, they inevitably end up in front of the TV outside. I live in Orlando which is hot and humid. The television worked flawlessly on the hottest summer days and the dust cover keeps it clean when not in use.”


–Donald S.
Orlando, Florida

Tom & Rose Maloney

“We are very satisfied with our 47″ MirageVision outdoor television. The picture quality is awesome and it’s big enough to enjoy from our outdoor bar, hot tub, or even from the pool. We enjoyed it all summer and are now watching the football games by the outdoor fire-pit as the temperature drops here in the northeast. After extensive research we feel we got a quality product at an affordable price.”


–Tom & Rose M.

Avenue Sound And Theater

“I used the 55″ TV and it is excellent. The picture is perfect and has plenty of brightness for outdoor use. Looks great from any angle as well. Great product.”


–Avenue Sound And Theater
Freeport, New York

Rick & Wendy

“We recently purchased a 37 in. TV from Global Outdoor Concepts for our pool area. The information we received before purchasing the TV was very informative and the customer service was exceptional. The TV itself is better than expected! The picture is amazing and the size is perfect. It was just what we needed to complete our outdoor living area. We would recommend this company to anyone looking for outdoor entertainment.”


–Rick & Wendy

Joe L.

“I live in Chicago and purchased my Mirage Outdoor Television last March, This was the best investment I ever made. This TV has been out in the elements all summer, even though the TV is in a screen room the rain in Chicago falls sideways and soaks the TV. My family enjoys sitting out side in the summer and Fall to watch moves and sports, the quality is great. The Mirage people are great and very helpful, they keep in touch even after you purchase the TV to make sure their are no problems, I have never had a sales person contact me after a purchase before. These guys believe in the product and so do I. Best TV and Company on the market!!!! I have recommended them to family and I will continue to recommend them to anyone interested in an outdoor TV. You can’t go wrong with Mirage.”


–Joe L.
Chicago, IL


“Global Outdoor Concepts is a company you can swear on. I just purchased my second TV. Two years ago I purchased a 26in, loved it. I just upgraded to a new 32in. I will be a loyal customer forever. I did alot of research, before I made my purchase I found companies that charge double and their TVs were not attractive at all. The MirageVision Outdoor TVs are thin, light, and sharp looking. Thanks for everything.”


Staten Island, New York

Dennis & Gina T.

“We just wanted to say thank you for our great TV. We installed it in our backyard using a rotating mount so we can see it from the pool, the firepit and the outdoor kitchen. The picture quality is outstanding and our guests have all complimented us on how nice it looks. When we tell them that it is weatherproof, they’re blown away! It’s also great for our young kids and their friends because now they can watch movies and cartoons outside. We love, love, love this TV. We look forward to using it for years to come and as we continue to expand our backyard, we will definitely be back for more!”


–Dennis & Gina T.
New Jersey

Sam Bonacci

“I want to thank you for saving me the remodeling expense of another room. We placed the 46″ Outdoor TV on our deck and now have a second living room. As you can see from the photo the sun is directly on the screen (see the shadow behind the TV) and the picture is FANTASTIC!!! We now have movie nights under the stars and for sports on a Sunday afternoon there is nothing better!!

From the time Mike at MirageVision answered all my questions and the delivery of the television was just about 4 days and belayed all my fears of an outdoor television.

My neighbors now watch my TV from their yard and cannot get over how sharp, clear, and bright the picture is from 150 feet away.

Thanks MirageVision!!!”


–Sam B.
Franklin, MA

Jamie S.

“My wife and I had researched various outdoor televisions for our home for several months. We compared brands, prices and warranties on each TV. Every time, we came back to your website. We purchased the 42 inch Gold LED series TV online through your website and it was shipped out immediately. We received it before Memorial Day weekend, which was our plan.

We have enjoyed your television SO much. It has been one of the best investments we have made for our family. It keeps us all together and enjoying the outdoors and still being able to watch baseball!

I also want to commend you for your prompt responses via email and on your website. Good customer service is hard to find these days.

Thank you for the wonderful addition to our home.”


–Jamie S.
Hahira, GA

Brian P.

“Thanks again for the quick turn around on my order. I installed it for my customer, Mission Hill Apartment Homes, in New Braunfels, TX. The unit was installed under the pool cabana using a full motion mount. The mount allows the TV to be viewed under the cabana or from the pool. My customer is extremely happy. The property owner is building another complex in San Antonio and is interested in having me install more MirageVision TVs at the new complex.”

–Brian P.
San Antonio, TX

Some Of Our Satisfied Customers